The Historian Hotel, Adelaide

Foodies, just a head up that I found a good pub, right in the city centre. Of course, there are many parameters that diners can take to measure whether a pub is good. As a foodie, I normally rate pubs with their standard of food. As a wine chemist, I also rate a pub with its wine list and quality. However, it is sometimes difficult to find one who has the goodies in both of these parameters. However, from my recent dinning experience at the Historian Hotel (HH), I can tell this is a good pub by my standard.




You may want to ask me where this pub is. Previously when I was talking with some friends, they were all confused as most of them never heard of this place. However, if you are in your 40s and 50s, you would definitely know this place. It is located at 18 Coromandel Place, a small street just off Greenfell Street, opposite Rundle Place. It is a small street and one is likely to miss this place. However, the building is of a classic appearance, which can be easily identified.




The pub currently opens for lunch daily and meals are served from 11:30 am til 2:00 pm. On Friday nights, it opens til late and as you can see from the above photo, when I got there around 6:30pm on a Friday after work, the place has already been packed and was shaken well. 🙂 The decor inside the pub is quite classic and one would definitely expect a normal standard pub fare, right? No, actually. Their food quality is pretty good compared to many pubs I went to before.


The kitchen is headed by Doogal and Jamie, who have both worked in various restaurants in Adelaide. Service at this pub was quite good and the waitress really welcomed people to come for dinning and for drinking. Coming to a pub, wine is a must – so I did not think about my allergy and we got two glasses of 2014 Rockford Alicante Bouchet. This is my new favourite rose. I first had it in Windy Point Restaurant and since then, both Tina and myself felt in love with it. It is absolutely stunning! You will feel this light and refreshing flavours on the palate while it gradually develops into complex summer fruit flavour and a creamy after-taste. It goes well with seafood dishes as well as meat dishes and unlike other rose’, the level of acidity for this wine is relatively low so it is easy to get people on board, even with starters.


14 Rockford Alicante Bouchet, $9 per glass



For the entrees, Tina and I had items from their special menu on the board.




Tina had this lovely tart with walnut salad. I forgot the name of this dish though and when I came back home to look for it, it was not on their menu. Sorry about this. However, the tart was quite tasty with good smells of the dairy products and the herbs that have been used in the cooking. The walnut salad was a highlight. It combined well with the tart and provided extra layers of fragrance on the palate. It is different from your typical pub fare – it is simply better.


Soft shell crab with chilli, lime and mango salad


Soft shell crab with chilli, lime and mango salad

I told you! I am always in love with soft shell crabs. The texture and the flavours of a fresh soft shell crab is just divine. This dish had the deep fried soft shell crabs with chilli and salad. There was no doubt that the salad took a lot of the oiliness from the crabs. The crab itself was very tasty with a hint of chilli spiciness wrapped in the batter of the crabs. I was told this dish was very popular and if you want to try a good soft shell crab, I strongly suggest that you try this one out! A good choice!


Oh, did you notice that the presentation of the dishes are very much in square dish like what we use at home? I like this because when people goes to a pub, they also want to find family styled dishes, not just your typical ‘pub’ food. 🙂 You will see the similar presentations in the main dishes below.


Goat pie with mashed potatoes



Goat pie with mashed potatoes

I should have cut the pie into two halves and show you what was inside. This was quite a surprisingly nice dish. The inside goat blocks were cooked to perfection and the outside pastry was crispy. The goat filling with very tasty and some hot juices would run straight into your mouth if you were too hurry to eat it like I did. The amount of saltiness was balanced while the pleasant goat flavour stayed on my palate for a long time. Well done :)!


MSA eye fillet (230g) with duckfat kipfler potatoes, Pancetta, shallot and green bean and red wine jus, $30


MSA eye fillet (230g) with duckfat kipfler potatoes, Pancetta, shallot and green bean and red wine jus, $30

This dish again was absolutely good and top on its quality. The MSA beef eye fillet was cooked medium rare and with this thick cut, plenty of flavours and juices or moistures were kept within the meat. It was tender in the mouth and was flavoursome. However, the complementary sides were even more stunning. The fillet was cooked with no salt, at least I did not detect any. Then, the pancetta acted as the source of my salt. I believe at some stage of our life, we all had tasted pancetta, but the pieces used in this dish was quite tasty. It did not only provide the source of saltiness but also brought in a lot of flavours to the palate to complement the beef fillet. The duckfat potato was great too and the kitchen has taken it to a completely new level. Well done!


At this point, we were very full already but I was able to fit some dessert in. My regulars know that I am not a dessert person but the ones below really got my tastebuds jump because they provided clean and refreshing flavours and some bitterness to neutralise the food flavours for the night. Two good choices for a dinner with heavy flavours. 🙂






The Historian Hotel has changed hands in the kitchen and it is such a good move I believe. At this place, diners can easily combine good local produce with brilliant local wines while enjoy some tasty treats you won’t expect at a typical pub environment. With affordable prices, good qualities and the amount of food you get, it is definitely worthy to venture into this place. A + bonus is the family like presentation of the dishes which can bring diners and the pub workers closer. Since our visit, I’ve already recommended this place to many of my colleagues and for a party sometime, it is surely on my list to investigate further.


Disclaimer: was invited to the restaurant but all opinions are my own.


The Historian Hotel

18 Coromandel Place


P 08 8223 3300


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  1. Looks like you and Tina enjoyed the food and wine Xin; always good to know about another place to dine in Adelaide!

    1. Thanks Joanne! It’s always good to know new recipes from you too 😀

  2. Jessica Huff says:

    Haha I know this place! We occasionally go there for lunch. A good one indeed.

    1. Wow, sounds great for lunch too. I will try them for lunch one day. 😀

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